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Ease my Holidays is your one stop destination when it comes to choosing the apt destination to travel to. Whether it is special occasion, a stay-cation, a weekend getaway, a tranquil retreat, etc., we have numerous options for you to pick your required destination from.

Traveling not only helps you to rejuvenate yourself but also re-discover yourself in ways you could not imagine. You get to learn new things and make a million more memories with your loved ones. To make this possible; we have picked out some of the great destination across India for you to enjoy. Check them out below and book your package now.

One might not understand that importance of traveling international but it helps in building confidence and exposing yourself to a different culture and tradition all together. Being able to adapt in a foreign situation helps in boosting up the confidence and being culturally sensitive. It is necessary to understand the deep-rooted values that are believed and followed across the world as it helps in understanding the human behavior a little better. We have curated out some of the great international destination packages for you to enjoy. Check them out below and book your package now.

A little time off work and the mundane lifestyle is something every human craves for and if you could get a luxurious resort for the weekend to spend some time alone with your loved ones doing nothing; it’s the best thing one could look out for. A little alone time is necessary to rejuvenate the lost energy and coming back stronger. We’ve some luxurious resort destinations located just few hours away from your city to take a weekend getaway. Check them out below and book your package now.

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Tiger Machan Resort
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Why Choose Us

Responsible travels

One of the things that makes us different from others is the fact that we give responsible travels utmost important. We believe that everyone should be able to travel and experience the magical world that is why, we make sure to travel in small groups so that you’re not only able to experience new places but also return home with a keen understanding about the destination.


Every day is new challenge and we work with same determination and focus every day in order to provide you with the service you ask for because we are passionate about serving you with the best services in terms of travels. We are trained experts and professionals who not have the travel and experience the world full of magical things but also share the same passion with you for your travels.


We understand that when you’re planning to travel, you want utmost transparency along with clear and precise communication so, at Ease my Holidays we assure that our team is equipped with complete knowledge of the industry to avoid any mishaps in your travel. Everything is communicated to you right from the start to the end.

24*7 Support

At Ease my Holidays, our team of experts is available to help you with your concerns and requirements anytime you want. They are trained professionals in the filed of Travel and Tourism which is why they are the apt people to turn towards too.


One of the things that you’ll find at Ease my Holiday is the experience we have with traveling and tourism. We provide you with the destinations and services which are tested first hand by the team.


Ease my Holidays has been fortunate to collaborate with partners nationally and internationally with our intensive hard work and determination towards making travel plans successful for you and your family.

Top Trending Destinations

Trending Destinations

Snow Valley Resorts

The Snow Valley Resort is situated at Thandi Sadak and almost 2 Kms from bus stand , it is from Subhash Chowk

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Fortune Resort Heevan

Surround with deep and mesmerizing valleys cascaded in sky-scraping mountains and evergreen beauty.

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Fortune Resort Bay

Located on one of the world's last outposts of virgin, natural rain-forest islands, Fortune Resort Bay Island.

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The Manu Maharani

We invite you to come and experience Nainitala tour iconic luxury hotels,The Manu Maharani , Jim Corbett NationalPark.

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The India Benares

The India Benares is a luxurious hotel for the discerning traveler. Perfectly located in the heart of the holy city of Varanasi.

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  • Awesome Places To Visit

  • Awesome Places To Visit

  • Awesome Places To Visit


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Kanchan Rajpot


" It Was lovly Experience With Easemy holiday."

Atul Jain


" It Was awesome resort , Great Food , Cooperative Staff , We Will Always Remember Our First Vacation"

Kanchan Rajpot


" It Was lovly Experience With Easemy holiday."

Atul Jain


" It Was awesome resort , Great Food , Cooperative Staff , We Will Always Remember Our First Vacation"

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